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Thread: Forum FAQ

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    Default Forum FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions

    ∞ Terms ∞

    Flaming other users is not permitted for any reason. Please refrain from flaming, as it severely degrades the quality of the forums and is grounds for being temporarily denied access to the forums.

    Flame Wars
    Flame Wars are also not permitted, and participation in them is a perfect way to have your access to the forums revoked. Do your best not to participate in one, and if you do come across one please do report it so it can be dealt with promptly.

    Spam on these forums is also not permitted. You can find the definition of spam as it applies to these forums in the “Abbreviations and forum lingo” section.

    Bumping is a perfectly acceptable action, but please do ensure that you don’t bump a thread excessively. Once every few hours is the most you should ever bump a thread.

    Normally theses are issued on first time offenders or little issues. This isn't anything to worry about too much. Its just our friendly way to point out you haven't followed the forum rules completely. You should have a message in your notation inbox (if you have it enabled) & an email notification (also if you have it enabled). This will explain what you did wrong (which rule you broke), with a copy of the offending article. The warning will expire after a certain amount of time. How long depends on the reasoning of the warning.

    Theses are reserve for members that repeatedly break the rules (either the same rule multiple times and/or different rules) or a major 'no no'. We only issue these when we have to. You should have a message in your notation inbox (if you have it enabled) & a email notification (also if you have it enabled). This will explain what you did wrong (which rule you broke), with a copy of the offending article. You would of received 'points' on your profile. How many depends on the reason on the infraction. The infraction may expire. Again, if/when depends on the why it was given.

    ∞ Abbreviations and forum lingo ∞

    What does “bump” mean?
    When new posts are made to a thread that thread is pushed to the top of the forum, and ever other thread below that is slid down one space. Eventually threads are taken off of the first page of the forum, which is where the majority of forum users view threads. When you see a post using only the word “bump” that indicates the post was made for the sole purpose of pushing the thread it was posted in to the top of the forum.

    What does “LOL” mean?
    “Laughing out Loud” or “Laugh out Loud”, it is an expression used to express the person posting thought something was funny although it doesn’t always mean the person posting it actually laughed out loud.

    What does “ROFL” mean?
    “Roll over the floor laughing” or “Rolling over the floor laughing” (among other variants), ”, it is an expression used to express the person posting thought something was funny

    What is a “newb”?
    A “newb” is someone who is new to something. Since they are new, they don't know much about it, or are very poor at it.

    What is a “n00b”?
    A “n00b” is a newb who claims to know everything there is to know about said subject or that they are the best at it. Unfortunately, some n00bs remain so even after they are no longer newbs.

    What is a “troll”?
    A “troll” is a poster that really serves no purpose than to get a strong negative reaction out of other forum members. Although there are forum members who may seem like they are trolls; that is not always the case. Just because a forum member posts something that others may not agree with does not mean that they are a troll. A troll continually attempts to make other forum members angry. The most important thing to know about a troll is not to “feed” them as trolls usually try to make other forum members angry for amusement, and an easy way to make them quit is not to react. If you see forum members “feeding” trolls please report any such posts to the administrators so the thread can be dealt with accordingly.

    What is a “flame”?
    A flame is a post that is made to attack another forum member, usually based on the content of that post made by that other forum member. Flames are looked down upon, and are most often deleted depending on the severity of the post content. Please refrain from flaming another user, and if you see a flame please do report it.

    What is a “flame war”?
    A flame war is a series of users flaming each other. These are more often than not instigated by trolls, and as such can usually be averted by not participating in them.

    What is “spam”?
    The definition of spam is quite flexible. Basically it is defined as a post made for the sole purpose of boosting one’s Community User Level, although there are kinds of posts that are deemed spam. These include (but are not limited to):
    - Posting advertisements
    - Posting the same thing multiple times
    - Posting excessive white space so the post takes up unnecessary vertical space.
    - Posting long character strings that destroy the forum's formatting and requires scrolling horizontally.
    - Posting unrelated links
    - Posting hoax messages
    - Posting a message that has not relevance to the thread it was posted in

    ∞ General Questions ∞

    How can I report an offensive post/user or contact the administrators or GMs?
    Use the private message functionality of the forum to contact one of the administrators for that particular board. Please include a reason for why you think this user should be looked into.

    Why was my topic moved?
    It was deemed more appropriate in another forum, and was moved accordingly.

    Why was my post edited?
    Posts are usually edited to remove profanity, or remove another part of the post that violates the forum rules. You should take this as a warning, as posts containing violations of the Terms of use are usually deleted in their entirety.

    Why was my post deleted?
    Posts that violate the 'Terms of Use' are deleted, as well as in certain situations where a user may accidentally post a thread more than once. However posts may be deleted for any appropriate reason. If you did not get an email explaining why your post was removed you can attempt to private message a moderator to find out why.

    Why was my post split?
    Splitting a post is taking a post and removing it from a thread, and create another separate thread. Usually a post, and all of its replies, are split when they stray from the intended topic of the thread; but are still appropriate on the forums.

    Why was my post joined?
    Joining a post will take a thread and add it to the end of another thread. Posts are merged when they are about the same topic, this is usually done to clean up certain forums.

    Why was my post locked?
    Posts are locked when the thread is meandering off topic or in certain specific situations when it is best if users are not allowed to reply to the thread any more.

    What is being "banned", and how do I avoid it?
    Being banned is having your access from the forums removed. To keep from being banned just follow the 'Terms of Use', and do not walk the fine line between following the ToU and disregarding it.

    Why was I banned?
    A large number of your posts were found to violate the ToU, or you made a severe infraction against the ToU in one or a few posts.

    Why should I register?
    When you register you are reserving your name on the Forum. You are also allowed to post once you have logged in, which allows you to accumulate a good community user level and recognition for being a good poster on the forums.

    Why do I need to login to post?
    Mandatory login allows other users to know who is actually posting, as well as allows moderators and administrators to take any necessary actions against that will actually serve as a punishment to that specific user rather than a broad range of users.

    How do I login?
    On the top right of every page on the forum there is a “Login In” link. Click that, enter your credentials, and click the “Login In” button.

    ∞ User Rankings ∞

    What are the various user ranks that can be achieved?

    Sword Pupil (Minimum Posts: 1)
    Recruit (Minimum Posts: 5)
    Sentry (Minimum Posts: 10)
    Fighter (Minimum Posts: 20)
    Soldier (Minimum Posts: 30)
    Warrior (Minimum Posts: 45)
    Veteran (Minimum Posts: 60)
    Swordsman (Minimum Posts: 75)
    Fencer (Minimum Posts: 90)
    Hero (Minimum Posts: 100)
    Myrmidon (Minimum Posts: 120)
    Swashbuckler (Minimum Posts: 150)
    Mercenary (Minimum Posts: 200)
    Swordmaster (Minimum Posts: 250)
    Lieutenant (Minimum Posts: 300)
    Champion (Minimum Posts: 350)
    Dragoon (Minimum Posts: 400)
    Cavalier (Minimum Posts: 450)
    Knight (Minimum Posts: 500)
    Grand Knight (Minimum Posts: 550)
    Master Knight (Minimum Posts: 600)
    Gladiator (Minimum Posts: 650)
    Master Gladiator (Minimum Posts: 700)
    Demon Slayer (Minimum Posts: 800)
    Greater Demon Slayer (Minimum Posts: 900)
    Dragon Slayer (Minimum Posts: 1000)
    Greater Dragon Slayer (Minimum Posts: 1250)
    Underlord (Minimum Posts: 1500)
    Overlord (Minimum Posts: 1750)
    Master of War! (Minimum Posts: 2000)

    ∞ Special ∞

    What is a Game Master?
    A Game Master is empowered with the same abilities as a administrator, but are also part of the Insania MU-Online core team. These people are also a very good source of information.

    What is an Administrator?
    An administrator is empowered with absolute control over the forums, including the abilities empowered to GMs and forum members.

    How do I become a Moderator or Game Master?
    The best way to become a moderator is to follow the ToU as well as be a helpful poster. Current moderators will take notice, and recommend you for the position. Becoming an administrator is limited to Insania MU-Online staff.

    If you got questions that cannot be answered by these FAQs, feel free to ask here:

    Questions Section

    Just don't forget to read this first:

    Read before posting a Question
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