Insania Mu Idol

Hello Insanians,
Insania Mu Idol event for the month of September is now officially open.

The Winner's Prize is :

10,000 Credits + Tag

Non-winners will receive 1000 Credits from me as Consolation Prize.
So tell your friends to join and participate

Rules that need to follow for you to able to join:

- You need to send a 1 self picture/selfie picture and your Character Name with the following text "Insania Idol" for use to be sure that you are really the one who is on the picture and didn't stole to someone else.
- Picture must not contain any edit. You must show your creativity with out any help of "EDIT"
- For uploading your picture/entry we recommend you to upload it on , , or
- All pictures/entries will be submitted to me DimER via PM.
- You can only submit 1 picture/entry
- Any form of trying to cheat this event will receive an Disqualification or a ban
- Staff Team is not allowed to join, because they will participate as one of the judge to vote to whom they like the most.

Be cool, send your pictures, and win the prize, which is Insania Idol tag and Credits

DEADLINE OF SUBMISSION: September 10, 2017