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    Default [Game Update 8.4.2017]

    Update 8.4.2017

    1. Devil Square Monster Boss Update (all Levels and Level 7 is Kundun Boss x 5)
    2. Map Move Level Update - Arena 150 & Swamp 50.
    3. 5 New Spots with Dark Mobs in La Cleon.
    4. Selupan and other bosses fix respawn.
    5. Bring Me Event NPC Respawn fix.
    7. Some Items Drop Rates Fix.
    8. Chaos Castle Ancient Item Drop Rate increased with 50%. Now you have 70% chance to get Ancient Item.
    9. Dungeon Race Event is enabled already few days. Ticket you can buy from Lorencia Barmaid for Zeny and to join the event visit Guard near the Bar / Lorencia Fountain.
    10. Ribbon, Chocolate and other boxes drop rate is slightly decreased.
    11. Summoner & Rage Fighter Create Level 300 (without cards requirements)
    12. Summoner Reflect Buff Balanced because it was overpowered.
    13. New command ingame: /help
    14. Removed VIP command: /vipnopk in order to stop abuses.
    15. New commands: /clearinv (use it to clear your items in inventory but make sure you don't have expensive items inside because they will disappear as well)
    16. Bring Me Event Prize: 2 PC Points & Zeny
    17. Dungeon Race Event Prize: 3 PC Points
    18. PVP LastStanding Event Prize: 3 PC Points
    19. Trivia Event Prize per Round: 1 PC Point
    20. Hunt and Kill Monster: 1 PC Point
    21. Lottery Event Enabled
    22. Gamble Event Enabled
    23. Arca War Enabled
    24. Gens War Enabled
    25. Castle Siege Event Enabled
    26. You can use Grand Reset /greset command ingame for all your characters in your account now.
    27. Web Market, Web Warehouse and Warehouse is brought back in the web user panels.
    28. Disabled damage to alliance members in Castle Siege Event
    29. Gemstone drop rate updated in LoT
    30. Jewel of Guardian drop rate updated in LoT

    Read event & game features guides please check from time to time we update the section with new guides every day here: www.insaniamu.com/guides

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