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    Default Register your Guild!

    Hello there,

    We will implement a system for Guild Hall.
    Where Guilds will have their own special Section and will be password protected for privacy.
    The Guild Master will register and will choose his password. Also the Guild Master will have Moderator Power on his own Section Forum.
    Only Guild Masters can request for a Guild Hall.


    Must be an active Guild.
    Must have minimum of 20 members.
    Guild Master must have a minimum of 100 posts in our forums.
    Must have active members in the forum.
    If 2-3 member active in forum, thats also reason of delete.
    If guild hall inactive for 10 days, will be deleted.
    If we see posts from other Guild Members the section will be deleted.
    If guild is disbanded, please contact with RESiSTANT
    If Guild Hall needs another Guild Hall Moderator, only Guild Master should to mail to RESiSTANT

    Please mail to RESiSTANT with the following format:

    Guild Name:
    Guild Master:
    Number Members:
    Screenshot of your Guild members:

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