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    Default Game Update 17.3.2017

    Hello friends,

    The game server has been updated on 17.3.2017 with the following changes:

    Website Updates

    1. Skilltree clear fixed. Module will reset your skills only and keep your master level and points.
    2. Online Hours Trade for Credits is disabled because everyone use the offtrade system to earn extra hours from absolute none real time spend ingame.

    Bonus Socket Option Clearance

    Due too many questions such "Why my set doesn't have Bonus Socket Option", here's the clearance:

    Getting bonus in socket is not 100%, that's the original formula, bonus will depend also in seeds combination, read the webzen original guide about things like this.

    Character Class PvP Formula Update

    We have recently reviewed every character class damage and defense formula and nerfed the reflect damage received plus fixed damage and defense on the necessary character classes according to their needs.

    Master Skill Tree Update

    Due to the recent abuses / excessive Master Points on the Skill Tree's we decided to reset everyone's magic lists, Master Points and Skill Tree's. You need to re-learn your magics, skills and then re-add your Master Points for your best fit needs because Max Master Level from today is set to 400 and every level brings you 1 Master Point to spend in your character skill tree and will stay this way permanently. This will guarantee even better balance between the classes and new strategy of combination for Mastering Skill Tree.

    "Clear Skill Tree" module on website will reset your master skills. So please do not use it unless you want to change your skill strategy on your skill tree. Be reminded that you will need to add again those 400 Master Points and use them with precision again.

    Let the best combined Skill Tree win!
    Have a good game!

    Thank You,
    The InsaniaMU Team

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