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    Default [Daily Event] Phrase of the day

    Hello Insanians,

    I would like to introduce you to this new event called "Phrase of the day"

    In this event you must post a phrase that you think it will make us reflection, laugh, or anything you think it will be worth it.


    - Your phrase must be only in English.
    - You cant win twice in a row.
    - Editing post is not allowed.
    - You can post only one time.
    - No multiple accounts.
    - You must add your ign in order to get the IMES
    - Staff Team is not able to join.
    - If two people or more have the same amount of points, they will share the price.

    400 credits + 1 IMES

    Quote Originally Posted by Subero
    Where there was love, sometimes not even greetings remain.
    When the round is finished the thread will be closed and our Staff team will post that the new round is available and he will mention the winner of the last round.
    The person who got more Thanks from our Staff Team (ADM, HGM, LM, GM, Mods, EM) will win.
    EM, Mods, can give only 2 thanks per round.
    GM can give only 2 thanks per round.
    If any member does not follow this rules, its vote wont count in the event.

    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

    Event deadline is everyday at 10:00 PM, GMT -4:00

    Good luck! *Thanks to Ex EM Subero for bring us this new event*
    The InsaniaMU Staff Team
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