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    Default [Big Event] Insania World Soccer Tournament

    Banner made by: Chanz

    Insania World Soccer Tournament

    Hello Insanians, as you can see we are having a Soccer Tournament for those soccer lovers.

    - You must have a Battle Soccer with the other Team and reach 100 points in order to win.
    - You also can kill the other team in order to get some points.
    - The battle soccer will be 3 vs 3.

    - Only 4 guilds are allowed to join.
    - You must submit your Guild and 2 players who will be with you in the Battle Soccer.
    - After you submitted your players, you are allowed to change them only if they aren't be online.
    - You can't use Pet/Imps/Stun weapons.
    -You cant use /vipnopk Command.
    - Staff is allowed to join in the event as long as another Staff Member watch the match.
    - You can't use others buff that aren't in your team. (Example: If you are a BM, and you have in your team a DL and a GM, you can't have Elf buff with you)

    This image shows how the games are going to be:

    1st Registered vs 3rd Registered
    2nd Registered vs 4th Registered

    - 1.500 credits per Guild registered so if 4 Guilds registered in the event will be 6.000 credits to give to each member and 3 IMES points in Fernando's Scoreboard.
    - The person who have more goals in the tournament, he/she will be given 1.000 extra Gold Credits.

    This event is going to be held on Saturday 04/03/2017, 30 minutes before Castle Siege. (6:30 am GMT -4).

    Thank you,
    InsaniaMU Staff Team.

    Last edited by Handsomer; 08-13-2017 at 12:19 AM. Reason: Update about the banner

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