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    Default Web Update 17.1.2017

    Hello friends,

    The web is updated with the following module changes & updates:

    Reset System:

    Reset Level: 400 (stats keep)
    Max Resets: 999,999
    Reset Cost: 10,000,000 Zen (Multiplied by Resets)
    Bonus Points for Reset: 300
    Inventory+Equipment, skills and quests (except Marlon Quest) keep.
    Reset Reward: 10 Gold Credits. (only in web, in-game /reset will not give bonus gold credits)

    Grand Reset System:

    This function allows you to exchange Resets for Gold Credits which you can use to buy full option items in the Item Shop or Change Name or Change Class.
    - Your all stats (Str, Agi, Vit, Ene, Cmd) will be keep.
    - Max Grand Resets: 999999
    - Your character will become +1 Grand Reset and -50 Resets in the rankings.

    Requirement: 50 Resets.
    Reward: 2,000 Gold Credits for the Web Shop.

    Donate for Uber Sets: (in progress)


    Referral System:

    Invite friends and get FREE Gold Credits!
    For 50 Resets your referred friends do, your account will be rewarded with 1000 Gold Credits.
    For 3 Grand Resets your referred friends do, your account will be rewarded with 5000 Gold Credits.

    Exchange eCoins to Credits:

    Updated and fixed to fetch the correct amount of your in-game eCoins. You can earn in-game eCoins and exchange them for credits. If you play trivia, bring me event, gamble event, pvp last man standing event, lottery event and hunt and kill monster event you will earn eCoins. The more eCoins you earn the more credits you can exchange for.
    10 eCoins = 1 Credits. With eCoins you can also buy accessories and seals from X Shop in-game.

    So many ways to earn free credits now! Enjoy InsaniaMU & Bring your friends too!

    All the best,
    The InsaniaMU Team

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