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    Default [Event] InsaniaMU Got Talent Season 5

    Hello friends!
    We are proud to present to you the fifth season of the InsaniaMU Got Talent!

    InsaniaMU Got Talent Season 5
    The Famous Talent Search is Here!

    How Can I Join?
    Open to all talented Insanians!

    If you have these talents or what talent you want us to witness, you're in! :winkk:
    ♦ Music (Instrumentals, BeatBoxing, etc.,)
    ♦ Art (Drawing, Designing, Graffiti, etc.,)
    ♦ Acting
    ♦ Singing
    ♦ Dancing
    ♦ Magic
    ♦ Declamation, Poetry, Orations
    ♦ Modeling (like Insania Idol/Mrs. and Mr. InsaniaMU or something)
    ♦ “All” Talents are accepted, if you think that you have talent just join!
    ♦ Previous Season's Champion/Winners can still join.

    NOTE: Talents mentioned above does not mean that, that’s only talent we want to witness. Above are just possible talents you can perform; show us what you prefer most!

    PLEASE NOTE: Songs or acts with inappropriate lyrics or performances are NOT allowed. No profanity, references to alcohol, sex, drugs or other inappropriate topics. Must be appropriate and suitable for any age. Foultaste in music such as profanity will result in disqualification.

    ♦ All participants must be a Insanian and have existing character in-game of course.
    ♦ Video entry is recommended (If Talent entry needs to be)
    ♦ Can be group or individual
    ♦ Should be original composition, Singing/Instruments (In-style themes/soundtracks of MU)
    ♦ Must be own work of yours!
    ♦ For videos must at least minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 6 minutes.
    ♦ In the video please introduce yourself before it starts or at the end of the video to validate your entry.
    ♦ For Artworks, Photos include your character name In-game & Forum Name.
    ♦ In declamation all orations must be in English.
    ♦ If you do Magic make just one piece art of magic promoting InsaniaMU.
    ♦ Doing "Song/Instrumental Cover" is allowed but in the intro, promote the game and the forum itself include your character name and forum name in the video.

    Who is the Judge?
    All: Admins, Game Masters, Moderators, GFX Team, Legends, Supporters, PVP King, Top Voter and IMES Winner.

    How We Judge?
    ♦ Overall Performance
    ♦ Technique & Uniqueness
    ♦ Appearance (Outfit)
    ♦ Personality
    ♦ Quality of voice
    ♦ Creativity
    ♦ Background
    ♦ Looks
    ♦ Efforts
    ♦ Originality

    Questions/discussing such as, “why he/she won?”

    In all cases, decisions of judges are final and will not be open to discussion. Don’t worry we have the ability to see which is BEST and which is NOT. Also judging will be on public so don't worry.

    What's the Prizes?

    1st place
    Any Full Optioned Gear by choice or Uber Evil Set +Weapons/Shield by choice + 3 Uber Accessories (rings/pendants) + Tag: Insania Hero + 20,000 Credits

    2nd place
    35,000 Credits + 2 Weapons + (Full) + Level 5 Sockets by choice + Gold Pet and 3 Uber Accessories (rings/pendants)

    3rd place
    35,000 Credits + Gold Pet and 3 Uber Accessories (rings/pendants)

    Consolation Prizes: Every Insanian whom successfully registered their entries will receive 10,000 credits (non-winners) so your effort will be paid off. =)

    Rules and Regulations:
    1. Each player and its forum account may only submit one entry!
    2. WARNING!: Any form of cheating such as using multiple forum accounts is against the rules
    and can not only get you disqualified from this event but also banned from the server.

    ◘ Only Talent Entries be posted in here!
    ◘ Post your entry here in this event thread.
    ◘ Event starts January 5, 2017.
    ◘ Deadline of submission of entries will be February 5, 2017.

    Questions, Clarification feel free to ask me via Private Message

    You have 1 month for your Talent entry!
    Good Luck everyone! May the best talented Insanian win!

    Don't forget to vote for us every 12 hours!

    Thank You,
    The InsaniaMU Team
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