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    Default [Big Event] InsaniaMU Event Series XVII Winter Edition (IMES XVII)

    InsaniaMU Event Series XVII Edition!

    Hello Insanians/Forumers

    Our InsaniaMu Event Series will starts at December 1, 2016.

    Here's our Mechanics, Rules and Guidelines for our IMES XVII Winter Edition:

    *1. All Insanians who participates in every Game Masters/Event Masters events will get point/s every time they win. And the name of the winners will post in the scoring list which will be updated every Events.

    *2. Score System added so each player can see his points . Of course Score System of each player depends on what kind of event the Game Masters/Event Masters do ( Difficulty matters ). If there is a harder event , the higher score they get (Like for PvP).

    *3. Players will also receive 1 IMES point for (Non-PvP) or 2 IMES points for (PvP) every time they win on GM's Event: GM Juls, GM Fernando, Vinginal and EM Labyrinth, EM KendaIl, Handsomer. This is for everyone to still gain points, If we have 2 or more GMs/EMs and hold an event together , they can award up to 3 IMES points depends on their events.

    *4. All HGM/GMs/EMs will have their own Scoreboard List in this thread which will be updated only by them and everytime they host event(s).

    *5. Gathering of points will start on 12/01/2016 which is posted on above. So HGM/GMs/EMs will start adding IMES points by the said date.

    *6. Players can also gain IMES points by winning our weekly Castle Siege Event which are participated by the different Alliances in our server.

    Take note: Submission of SS for CS Siege Winners : Fake/edited SS and also SS not taken right after CS time will get your points deducted.

    * Players can also gain IMES points by participating to Devil Square, Last Man Standing Event or just for PK.

    *7. Players can't use more than 1 character and 1 account. Meaning if you won on a different character on an event even if it is yours, you can't add up points of 2 characters or more .

    *8. If you rename the character, with which you participate in IMES, it's your obligation to forward the new name to RESiSTANT or to Fernando. This function can be used ONLY if you have renamed the same character, with which you already have won points.

    *9. Players who caught using cheats or bugs/hacks or distracts an event and the player has already have points in the IMES scoring list , their points will be deducted and also the player will be disqualified automatically.

    *10. Banned Characters/Accounts (permanent bans) will be automatically removed and disqualified from this event.

    *11. In order to make the competition more interesting and fair, you can maximum win 5 IMES per GM/EM events per day. This means, if 2 GM/EMs host events in one day, you can maximum get 5 points in each one's events (10 in total in this example), even if you win more than 5.

    *12. Let's be fair, HGMs/EMs and GMs cannot participate or win. GM/EM who gained points before he was promoted can still be a winner.

    *13. Previous winner can't win the event again, but they can be in 2nd position or below.

    Castle Siege Warfare

    If your Alliance won the Castle Siege for the week, just send a PM to HGM Fernando here in forum with your screenshot using your character while participating in the Castle Siege (Inside the Throne Room). Screen Shot must show the date of the Castle Siege and your character must be on that winning alliance, and if your Screen Shot and character is valid you will receive additional 5 IMES points. This is applicable to all the members of the winning alliance. Old Screen Shots will not be entertained. Submission of fake SS will lead to deduction of IMES points from our Scoreboard. (We will only accept Screen Shots the day after CS was held. Meaning Sundays only.)

    IMES Special Booster
    -This will given out on the #1 ranked player, who is on every Staff member's list. (a bonus of +10 points on their final score)

    Cheat Hunters
    For every approved hack report you will receive +5 IMES points on GM's IMES Scoreboard.

    Devil Square Reaper

    This DS Reaper feature can be won at the Devil Square Event. If a player has more than 500,000,000 points , he will receive 75 IMES points on my IMES Scoreboard.
    This making the competition more exciting and challenging.

    Live ranking here : http://www.insaniamu.com/index.php?M...6=devil_square

    The Last Man Standing

    Win IMES Points by joining to The Last Man Standing Event ! The first 5 players who will have the highest number of wins will receive IMES Points. Points will be calculated according to the following method : 1 win = 2 IMES Points.
    Live ranking : http://www.insaniamu.com/index.php?M...kings&rank=lms

    Calculations of the final results

    Once the event date will be over the points from every scoreboard will be summed (all points will be calculated, not only the TOP 20 of each scoreboard).
    The Devil Square and The Last Man Standing points will be added. This will determine the IMES 20 Winners.

    Prizes for the Winners :

    1st Place Finisher with the Highest IMES points:

    Uber Evil Set Full Option+15 of his/her choice + Flame of Insanity+ Lvl 5 Sockets by choice
    Also a IMES Winner tag
    Vip Tag or Insania Finest : Which can be used on any member she/he wants .

    2nd in points ranking: 50.000 Credits Points

    3rd in points ranking: 40.000 Credits Points

    4th in points ranking: 30.000 Credits Points

    5th to 10th in points ranking: 20.000 Credits Points

    11th to 20th place in points ranking: 10.000 Credits Points

    Please make sure to participate all the time at HGM/GMs/TGMs/EMs Events so you can be a winner and get the special prizes which we give and don't forget to vote for our server every 12 hours. Previous IMES winner can't win again.

    Thread will be officially closed at 28th of February 2017 and also the announcement of the winners.

    Live IMES Ranking, where you can check your current points at all time:

    Good Luck to everyone and continue supporting our server at rankings by voting correctly. I wish you to enjoy and have fun , participating on our events.

    Thank You,
    Insania Staff Team!
    Last edited by Fernando; 02-11-2017 at 02:56 AM.

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