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    Default [Event] Find the coordination's

    Hello and welcome to the find the coordination's event. Event for all players and Staff Members can't join. In this event The Staff Team will be posting an SS of our characters in a random place of our choice and we will be erasing the coordinates. All you have to do is post here what you think the cords are.

    Prize information:
    - The person to get the cords correct will win the next prizes:
    - Easy Task: 150 credits + 1 IMES
    - Medium Task: 250 credits + 1 IMES
    - Hard Task: 350 credits +2 IMES

    Current Image-:


    -Users can only participate once every 12 hours. After that time limit finish you can participate once again in order to give others chance to win as well.
    -You are not however allowed to double post and edit your post till you find the correct answer.
    -You must wait for another reply, then you can post it again (guessing the next coord)
    -Plus you have to take SS on thos coordinates and post here with your IGN
    -The Staff Team can post one entry per day (But you will need to wait until someone finds your coordinates)
    -Deadline of each rounds is 7 days. (After that time, the round is closed and the GM that made it can post again)
    -You must attach in your post a picture with your vote for Insania Mu.
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