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    Default WebShop Terms, Guidelines and FAQ

    The information in this topic is clearly for payment related services.

    The following are the terms set forth to be read and accepted before considering any payment.

    All payments are one-time payments and are final.
    All payments are irreversible once the user receives WebShop Credits on it's account.
    Any attempt of chargeback will be disputed and account ban, plus ip address ban.

    The Purchase of Items from the Web Shop and guidelines

    • Refunding of Credits
      • Items cannot be refunded back to account unless it's purchased from WebShop.
      • Items claimed to be bugged must be reported within 24 hours of purchase to be eligible for a credits refund.

    • Missing Items
      • Items confirmed to be missing are resent to the accounts vault, no credits are ever refunded for missing items since you can restore them yourself from Storebox at the Webshop.

    • Jewels, Seeds and Consumables
      • None are refundable (Pets/Seeds/Jewels/Etc), this is due to the nature of the items/products, they apply to other parts when triggered or get removed when triggered, Seeds are non refundable and non reversable.

    • Character Deletions
      • You are responsible for your account and it's integrity, the integrity of the characters therein. If your character is deleted The Administration will not restore it for you.
        • We DO NOT issue refunds for items on deleted characters, YOU AGREED TO THE TERMS OF SERVICE WHEN YOU REGISTERED AN ACCOUNT.

    • Vote Points
      • Vote problems do not have support, please do not make tickets about these, they will be deleted.

    • Email Changing
      • You are able to request an email change, you need to mail an administrator with full information about your account. Current e-mail address, secret question, answer.

    • Player Reports
      • Please use the appropriate channels to report players: [here]. Ban appeals accepted: [here] Creating ban appeals and/or tickets related to bans will result in your ticket being ignored.

    • Help I've been scammed
      • Unfortunately we do not assist with scams, stay clear of suspicious activity, sell/buy for load and account information requests, report anyone requesting account information.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How to contact Insania MU Support Team?
    A: [email protected]
    Q: Help! I've lost an item upon purchase, what can I do?
    A: Wait 1-2 minutes and visit the Storebox, then click on "Recover Item" to restore your item to vault.
    A2: Mail support[at]insaniamu.com with your username and note the items you've lost and we will try to recover the items as fast as we can find them in your webshop logs.

    Q: Help! I haven't received Credits for my donation.
    A: Create a forum report or mail support[at]insaniamu.com and you will be assisted.
    Paypal and SMS donations usually result in instant (automatic) Credits delivery.
    Western Union and Money Gram transfers may take up to 24 hours for Credits/Items delivery.

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