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    Default [Game Guide] Account Lock System

    Account Lock System

    Account lock system is InsaniaMU's newest prevention from scam attempts into player's accounts. Once account is locked, your account is totally safe! But be careful - we still do not recommend sharing account and password to other players.

    How to lock my account?
    Type command in-game:
    /setkey 10_KEY_CHARACTERS and from there on follow up the steps.

    You will be asked to confirm your master key. To make it useful you have to lock your account every time you planning to log off for period of time. If you are just logging off to reset your character or purchase items from the webshop then it's not necessary to lock account.

    *To unlock your account simply type the following command: /unlock YOURKEY
    *To lock your account simply type the following command: /lock YOURKEY

    What happens if I have locked my account?
    You can't do:
    - Item Moving (Between Inventory-PersonalShop-Vault)
    - Character Deletion
    - Cannot use /post command
    - Pking With Other Players
    - Dueling With Other Players
    - Deletion/Leaving Of Guild
    - Alteration Of Stats
    - Character Reset
    - Item Selling To NPCs
    Result: secured account even if you shared your account/password with your friends. *Note: InsaniaMU Staff doesn't recommend sharing account/password to anyone. InsaniaMU Staff is not resposible on account theft or missing items from account. Your account is your own responsibility.

    Account Safety Tips

    • Make sure to use strong password. Combination of capital, small letters and number is recommended. Never use a password with similarity in your account or anything related to you.
    • Secure the email account you used in your registration.
    • Don't use all small or all capital in your user account, you can always do this even if you are registered already by logging in to our website using the same user account but with some capitalize letters then change your password.
    • Don't use secret answer which makes sense to the secret question. Use secret answer which you think no one would guess if ever think of answer to your secret question.
    • Never share your account info to anyone even with InsaniaMU staffs, the only place where we will ask you about your account info is in our Ticket System.
    • You should write all your credentials in a text file and just copy paste the user/pass/key from it during authentication.
    • Never input your account user and password in any web pages other than our offical secure login page: http://insaniamu.com.
    • Always lock your account if you will be logged out for long time or preferrably lock it always mostly if you are playing in a computer shop, read about /setkey command above

    InsaniaMU's Official Websites

    Read another guide on how to Fully Secure your Account:


    * InsaniaMU will not be held responsible to your lost due to your failure to follow the above.

    Thank You,
    The InsaniaMU Team
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