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    Default MU-Online Game FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Hold CTRL+F to search for similar questions related with your question.

    Question:Who is the Admin of this server?
    Answer:Main server and Owner of this server is RESiSTANT

    Question: Why did my HP/Mana become so low? I had over 60k before/I already have max stats.
    Answer: It's just a visual bug. At some point, the game cannot show you such huge values and it became visually bugged. To fix it,
    for HP: You actually got 64k HP + the amount of HP you see on the bar. Party someone and press P to see your real HP. You might want to equip excellent items with Increase Max HP Option.
    Answer: for Mana: First, equip excellent items with Increase Max Mana option, if it doesn't work, then unequip all your items with + mana and try again, also do not put mana pots in your inventory, if it still doesn't work then contact an Admin or GM and request them to lower your energy to 32000. Simply go to this guide for more information. (Click Me)

    My item suddenly got duped, what shall i do?
    Answer: Make a post on our forums as fast as possible on the help section and provide us with a ScreenShot of the items that are duped (don't forget to point the cursor on them!). However, currently, it's not possible to dupe items, so don't worry, but if that happens, simply report to us.

    Someone tells me they are Admin, GM or are in the GMs/Admins family. What shall i do?
    Answer: Take a ScreenShot of the chat and post it on the report section on our forums! Please note that all Admins and GMs are in the Admins guild!

    Is KS (Kill Steal) allowed?
    Answer: Yes it is allowed, if someone tell you that you will be banned for KSing them then just ignore them.

    My screen is green or blue and it laggs alot when i play, how can i fix this?
    Answer: Download DirectX9 from microsoft's website and also update your graphic card driver.

    How can I update my graphic card driver?
    Answer: If you got DirectX9 then just press START, then RUN and write Dxdiag, if you still need help, you can get help in the Tech Support section.

    I lag a lot when someone use skills around me, is there a way to fix this?
    Answer: Yes, just download our Anti-Lag patch or you can also check this guide. Links: Click Me! or Click Me!

    Someone claims that he is Admin or GM and ask me to tell him/her my account and password, what shall i do?
    Answer: DO NOT TELL THEM IT! Instead take a ScreenShot of the chat and report it on our forum, Real Admins or GMs will never ask for your password.

    I do not remember my password. How can I get it back?
    Answer: Go to our forums and send a Private Message to Madhater or RESiSTANT and tell them your account name. Or you can use your e-mail address that you used for registration, just go to website and click Lost Password. For more information, check our Account FAQs: Click Me!

    Someone have scammed me! What can I do to get the items back?
    Answer: Take ScreenShots of the trade BEFORE you accept them and also take screenshots of the chat and if you get scammed then report it on our forums and show us the screenshots and we MIGHT be able to get back your items.

    I see someone attack or use skills in towns, is it allowed?
    Answer: No it is not allowed, if you see someone do that then take ScreenShots of them when they use the skills and point the cursor on them so the name shows up and report them on our forums, using skills and spells in towns are not allowed and will make your character or account get permanent banned.

    I see someone that got a blue glow on their character, are they admins or GMs?
    Answer: No they are just using Ancient sets.

    Where can I get Ancient items and how often can i get them
    Answer: By winning the Chaos Castle , in Land of Trials or by killing Kunduns (in Kalima or Peace Swamp).

    My internet connection is 54kbs (Dial-Up) can I still play this game.
    Answer: Yes, you can still play this game but we recommend that if you don't have a client yet then download our small client.

    Someone tell me to press VS before our trade, is this safe?
    Answer: No, it's not safe at all its a method used to scam, take a ScreenShot of the part of the chat where they say "press VS" and report them on our forums!

    Someone tell me to buy their items in store for 99mill to check if they got max zen shall i do it even they put a soul there for 99mill?
    Answer: No, just take a ScreenShot of the chat and the name of their store and report them, they do not have max zen and they will steal items from your store!

    When is Golden Invasion Happening?
    Answer: It's every 1 hour. For more information, Click Me! or check out our Guides & Tutorial Section.

    When is Invasion Taking Place?
    Answer: Lorencia, Devias, Noria, Atlans and Tarkan. For more information, check out our Guides & Tutorial Section.

    When I put my Item in vault and then re-log and when I take a look at my vault the item was gone what should i do?
    Answer: You have to post in Reports > In-Game Reports section, and it's enough to say your character name and the missing items.

    What time and where can I find those Kunduns?
    Answer: They respawn every 1 hour at Kalima 1-7.

    Why I can't buy items from player's Store?
    Answer: Because their Zen is maxed. Maxed Zen is 2billions, but if yougoing to protect your store the safe zen is 1.9billion to avoid having a zen bug.

    Where does BOK+5 drop?
    Answer: You can join an event of our GMs and win or you can participate in Golden Invasion Event.

    How Can I make my Game Window Mode or Full Screen?
    Answer: Just open the client launcher and you will see a box beside Game Start, check it for Window Mode, Uncheck for Full Screen Mode.

    Why I Can't Learn Some Skills such as Nova and Explosion Orb?
    Answer: Finish the Marlon's Quest and you'll be able to learn it.

    What is PC Points and Game Points?
    Answer: PC Points is for buying items in In GameMuShop (Press X). For more information, feel free to check our Guides & Tutorials Section. Game Points is for buying vip ingame, you can check this link for more info about this.

    What is the Max Stats?
    Answer: 32767

    What is the use of my Credits?
    Answer: With your credits you can create your own items at our Web Shop.

    How can I earn some Credits?
    Answer: You can buy (donate) in otherwise just vote for the server and a few more you can find at your User Web Panel.

    How do I contact the admin?
    Answer: You can send an e-mail to [email protected] for faster response.

    If you got questions that cannot be answered by these FAQs, feel free to ask here:

    Questions Section

    Just don't forget to read this first:

    Read before posting a Question.
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