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Biweekly Screenshot Event #1

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Biweekly Screenshot Event

1. Event will run biweekly, meaning every two weeks.
2. There will be five winners.
3. You are required to post your Ingame Name in your posts.
4. There is a limit of three screenshots per contestant. You're free to edit your post to replace existing ones, but the max is still three.

Right, that is all for the rules!

Be creative, surprise us!

This event will be held biweekly, so you have plenty of time to make funny, pretty, cute, awesome, whatever kind of screenshots you want.

The rules
There are a couple of rules that the screenshots need to apply to though:

- Deadline will be on Wednesday (2 weeks after the start) at 1 PM server time (GMT+3);
- Screenshot must obviously be taken on InsaniaMU;
- Must be at least 800x600 in size;
- Must be an original image, no photoshop;
- You can submit as three screenshots per event, and you can only win once;
- Include your Ingame Name in your post;
- The GM team has the right to not choose 5 winners if there are not enough entries that qualify for a prize.

Not following these rules automatically disqualifies you without notice, so read them!
It is up to the GM team to decide who is the winner, so let there be no discussion about that.

The prizes
Of course there will be prizes to be won.

The First Place will win 3000 Credits, the Second Place will win 2500 Credits, the Third Place will win 2000 Credits, the Fourth place will win 1500 Credits and the Fifth place will win 1000 Credits. Plus! If we like your screenshot a lot, it might even pop up on the website.

Make an awesome screenshot and get a chance to win nice prizes + placement on the website.

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