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Season 8 Upgrading

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Hello Insanians!

Testing and playing Season 8 is at address: http://s8beta.insaniamu.com

Test and post feedback about the Season 8 here: [email protected]

This is BETA testing server. Soon we will be upgrading to Season 8. Your accounts and everything will be keep. In the beta server you can use your existing account at InsaniaMU or create a new one if you wish. You will have 999,999 Credits and 999,999 Gold Credits bonus while testing so you can buy new sets + sockets and Pentagrams to test how is the new PvP system with them.

The upgrade will be taking place in the next few days and will take 15 minutes offline time of the servers and in that time if you want you can be downloading the game client which will be announced after the upgrade. Any Season 8 client we released now can be called out-dated because we are updating it almost every hour because we are working 24/7 until the official release.

Somethings to be taken as consideration from the players after the upgrade take place:

1. Mace of the King won't have sockets ability after the upgrade and we will be replacing every MOK which have been donated in the server with an Flame of Insanity + Level 5 Socket- new custom weapon made for Insania and Infinity servers. For this caused inconvenience we will issue new item by choice or Flame of Insanity +Sockets Level 5 by choice. In order to take advantage of new item instead MOK your account must have been active in the last month *30 days* because we won't care of the inactive accounts and just those who like to try the new item and go away inactive. =D

2. Phoenix Soul Star and Phoenix Soul Set for Rage Figher will also be without sockets abilities. For this caused inconvenience we will issue Piercing Set + Sockets Level 5 by choice and no other set because there's no other RF socketed set to this moment.

* If there's something else --- it will be announced after the upgrade to the new version of Season 8.

Also as some of you guys might have noticed we have worked out our asses for the new website look and design for all Insanians convenience. Hope you guys appreciate that!

InsaniaMU Forever!

All the best,
The InsaniaMU Team

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