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[Event] InsaniaMU Trivia

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Quote Originally Posted by DeathAce View Post
Hello Insanians,

I would like to present you a new Event...

InsaniaMU Trivia Event

How does the Event work?

*Every trivia event will last one week
*Everyday will be asked a new question
*Every week we will have a different topic for Trivia
*First 3 players who post the correct answer gets one point
*At the end of the week the 3 players with most points are declared winners
*the previous week winner cant win in next week.
*if there will be 2 players with the same points count, they will divide the first place


First Week

Question #1:
How many levels are needed to warp to Dungeon 2 if you are magic gladiator?

Question #2:
How much zen costs 255 pack of complex potion?


Second Week

Question #1:
What is the highest score possible in 10 pin bowling?
Question #2:
What is the regulation height for a basketball hoop?


(You must follow this rules or your answer will be rejected or You may be Disqualified)

No Double Post
No Editing of Post
No Multiple Accounts


1st place: 3000 creds + 3 IMES

2nd: 2000 Creds + 2 IMES

3rd: 1000 Creds + 1 IMES


Always keep an eye on this First post I will update it daily

If you have question regards the event feel free to PM me. Dont Spam here. Thanks!

Event Will Start Tomorrow

Enjoy guys!

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