1. Did you know?
    When you play on a cafe make sure you change your password as soon as you get somewhere you trust. Cafe might have keyloggers, better safe than sorry.
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  1. Hall of Fame New Edition!

    Hello friends,

    I would like to introduce you the InsaniaMU Hall of Fame.
    Let me explain you how does it works
    In the picture below will be listed all players who won (1st place winners) in several big events such as :
    - PvP King Event
    - Insania Idol Event
    - Top Lucky Voters Event
    - PK Monthly
    - Pawn the Boss Event
    - InsaniaMU Event Series
    - Lord of the Sword
    - The 7K Race
    - World Soccer Tournament
  2. Need Assistance

    Good day...

    i need an assistance about my donation of ue items...
    i already sent an prof of my receipt about the payment..
    also its been 2 days running 3 days...still no msg from the developers...

    for me as a regular player its not normal anymore...ive pay properly so i want the items i orderd will come to my hand...

    I hope you can solve my problem...tnx and Godbless...
  3. What happen with the voting system

    what happen with the voting system??? It always appear as error. Please answer any admin
  4. Castle Siege 9/2/2017

    Quote Originally Posted by Wicked View Post
    Castle Siege 9/2/2017


    DUPRIANS: BlazeKing


    No guild registered!

    Winner is:

    DUPRIANS: BlazeKing

  5. B>ue set donate taros (IGN:SmMiguel)

    Quote Originally Posted by ElMiguel29 View Post
    S>2 brave 898+bonus one have bonus complete and the other have 2p with bonus+hades 8830 no bonus+2 titan 988/81430+set sticky 1488+set dark evil 8830 no bonus+set royal 8830+Bonus+2wing conqueror and angel devil+2accS8+add=ue set donate taros


    vh7+rk7+AG6+set royal 8830+B+brave898+B+set dark devil no bonus+titan 988 no bonus+2wings conqueror and angel devil+2accS8

    pm in >>>> SmMiguel/BmMiguel/RfMiguel/ or here in
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