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    When you play on a cafe make sure you change your password as soon as you get somewhere you trust. Cafe might have keyloggers, better safe than sorry.
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  1. B>ue set donate taros (IGN:SmMiguel)

    Quote Originally Posted by ElMiguel29 View Post
    S>2 brave 898+bonus one have bonus complete and the other have 2p with bonus+hades 8830 no bonus+2 titan 988/81430+set sticky 1488+set dark evil 8830 no bonus+set royal 8830+Bonus+2wing conqueror and angel devil+2accS8+add=ue set donate taros


    vh7+rk7+AG6+set royal 8830+B+brave898+B+set dark devil no bonus+titan 988 no bonus+2wings conqueror and angel devil+2accS8

    pm in >>>> SmMiguel/BmMiguel/RfMiguel/ or here in
  2. Grate offer: send a mail to Eitectic

    Quote Originally Posted by Handsomer View Post
    I sell MK set+shield 988 with bonus+Asura FLI=Lazywind 988 with bonus
  3. [Event] We Love InsaniaMU S8 <3

  4. Spamming Game Yes or No

  5. UE Donate

    B> UE Donate Set = BK sets ( S8 no bonus/ S6 Socketed / Uber sets) pm me or email

    IGN : DanzLove
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