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  1. Users vs Staff

    [B][I][COLOR="#800080"]Hello, i made this game in another forum a while ago and it was fun

    What you will have to do:

    For first round:

    Users Win!!
    [COLOR="#FF0000"]Users won first round!!!

    Users 1 - 0 Staff

    Congratulations spammmersz![/COLOR]
    [COLOR="#0000CD"]Staff Won 2nd round!
  2. [Event]Guess the Movie Season I

    Hello my dear [in]Insanian's[/in], I would like to present you [em][SIZE=4]Guess the Movie Season I[/em][/SIZE] with good news.

    I will post a [b]PICTURE[/b] from any movie then you must guess it correctly.

    [center][em]For example:[/em]

    [em]IGN: Kendall
    Movie: Suicide Squad[/em][/center]