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    You can see the current active staff team and informations about them in here http://forum.insaniamu.com/showgroups.php and in here http://forum.insaniamu.com/showthread.php?13294-InsaniaMU-Staff-Team
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  1. Biweekly Screenshot Event #1

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    Biweekly Screenshot Event

    1. Event will run biweekly, meaning every two weeks.
    2. There will be five winners.
    3. You are required to post your Ingame Name in your posts.
    4. There is a limit of three screenshots per contestant. You're free to edit your post to replace existing ones, but the max is still three.

    Right, that is all for the rules!

    Be creative, surprise us!

    This event will be held biweekly, so you have plenty of time